Political Asylum

The experienced and aggressive immigration attorneys at Jadoo & Zalenski, LLC, have successfully handled numerous applications for political asylum and many withholding applications to stop removal procedures. We are immersed in this area of immigration law and well-prepared to provide personal, focused effort in your case.

We are a diverse, multicultural and multilingual law firm. Our firm practices in all areas of U.S. immigration law, for people from many nations, keeps us constantly aware that there are oppressive regimes and intolerably dangerous conditions present all around the world. Please contact usfor legal counsel to build your case and help you try to stay safely and legally in the United States.

Asylum Applications — Withholding Applications — Deportation Defense

We are experienced in filing political asylum applications and withholding applications based on circumstances including:

  • Persecution based on ethnic origins or religion;
  • The existence or threat of unjust imprisonment or torture;
  • Danger from gang activity; and
  • Risk to family members due to laws on childbearing and other specific restrictions.

We have helped refugees from all around the world. Our law firm is adept at performing the research necessary to substantiate your fear of returning to the country you fled, and at presenting a compelling case to authorities here in the U.S.

Full-Service Law Offices in New Jersey and New York

Whether you have recently made your way into the U.S. and need a capable attorney to help you obtain political asylum — or you have been here for some time and now fear or face the possibility of deportation — please contact us today. Our lawyers speak fluent Spanish, Polish and Korean in addition to English, and we have outstanding resources to communicate with clients from all backgrounds and walks of life.

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