Hackensack, New Jersey Criminal Lawyer & Family Attorney

Mr. Zalenski began his legal career working as an associate at a general practice law firm. in Englewood, New Jersey. This position provided him with essential experience both in and out of the courtroom. He made many appearances in the superior courts of New Jersey on Criminal and Matrimonial matters. Inside the office, he was able to hone his skills on drafting detailed motions and briefs.

Mr. Zalenski worked as an associate in a general practice law firm in Fairfield, New Jersey, where he continued to strengthen his background in the fields of Criminal and Matrimonial law.

Prior to opening his law firm, in Englewood, Mr. Zalenski worked as an associate for a law firm in Hackensack, New Jersey. Here, Mr. Zalenski assumed the role of Municipal Court Prosecutor in Hackensack, Secaucus, Passaic and Ringwood. He gained a significant amount of trial and court room experience which has fortified his understanding of the criminal justice system. After one and a half years as prosecutor, he decided to venture out and open his own practice with Mr. Jadoo. Mr. Zalenski continues to prosecute in the City of Hackensack.

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