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In the United states, there are many categories of assault, from simple assault to aggravated assault. Assault is not only defined as "an immediate show of force against another person following a threat of violence", but also as "any physical contact with another person without their permission" (which may or may not be considered asexual assault, depending on the type of physical contact).

If you (or someone you know) has been charged with misdemeanor assault or felony assault in Bergen County, Englewood or Hackensack, NJ, you and your case will soon enter the confusing and impersonal criminal justice system. Assault charges and charges for other violent crimes carry serious penalties upon conviction, which include:

  • Jail Time (in months or years)
  • Costly Fines and Reparations
  • Probation and Parole Hearings
  • A permanent criminal record

Do not face your assault charges without experienced legal help from knowledgeable assault attorneys or criminal defense lawyers. Assault attorneys and criminal defense lawyers can:

  • Advocate for your rights throughout the legal and court processes
  • Investigate your case and work to prove your innocence
  • Fight to have your charges and sentence minimized

Assault attorney Michael Zalenski of Englewood, New Jersey has practiced criminal defense law years and has provided effective legal representation in hundreds of criminal cases. Have you been accused of:

  • Simple Assault?
  • Aggravated Assault?
  • Sexual Assault?
  • Domestic violence or spousal harassment?
  • Unwanted touching?
  • A gun or weapon-related incident?
  • (Battery) Punching another person, or hitting another person with your hands or an object?
  • Hitting someone with a car or truck?

If you have been accused of attempting to cause bodily injury to another or accused of touching another person without their permission, we can provide you with an effective misdemeanor assault lawyer or felony assault attorney for your criminal defense. For a free discussion of your assault charges or the charges of a loved one, contact our firm.

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If you face assault charges, contactJadoo & Zalenski, LLC. We offer free initial consultations, return calls immediately, are available 24 hours a day, represent Spanish-speaking clients and are conveniently located near the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel. To contact us, call (201) 568-5510.

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