If you fall behind on your mortgage payments, you will receive a notice of foreclosure, and eventually, a Summons and Complaint. Despite the common understanding of foreclosure as “getting kicked out of your home,” this is not the time to panic or despair. A foreclosure is simply a lawsuit, and by retaining experienced foreclosure defense attorneys, you will ensure yourself ample opportunity to seek a preferable alternative long before the case proceeds to the point at which you may lose your home at a foreclosure auction.

Jadoo & Zalenski Law Firm has built a strong reputation for defending foreclosure actions throughout new Jersey based on our aggressive use of every legal defense available to our clients. A foreclosure defendant may interpose a variety of defenses to a foreclosure action. Thanks to our experience working with these defenses, our foreclosure attorneys can assist you in not only understanding each defense but also focusing on your specific situation and interests in order to determine which one best suits your individual case. By using these defenses, we can help you generate leverage with your bank, which can improve the chances of successfully settling your case. A foreclosure can be scary. However, the looming threat of your house being sold comes hand in hand with the opportunity to take advantage of the involvement of a judge. our foreclosure attorneys are very familiar with all of the statutes and regulations enacted in the wake of the recent economic downturn to encourage good faith settlement negotiations between lenders and borrowers, and take full advantage of this knowledge wherever possible. Therefore, we are often able to request that the judge enforce these laws, which require the bank to give you a full and fair opportunity to be considered for all forms of loss mitigation, including Loan modification.

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