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Need Drunk Driving Attorney? We're Criminal Defense Lawyers defending against DUI/DWI Arrests

Challenging All Aspects of DUI/DWI Arrests in Bergen County, Englewood and Hackensack, NJ

Don't assume that your arrest for DUI/DWI means an automatic conviction. That's what the prosecutors want you to think. At Jadoo & Zalenski, LLC, of Bergen County, Englewood and Hackensack, New Jersey, we encourage all clients to contact our drunk driving attorneys before talking to anyone else.

Do not allow law enforcement to coerce you into pleading guilty just to make the legal matter "go away." Simply put, a drunk driving plea bargain often makes a bad situation only worse. Contact us at (201) 568-5510.

Overcoming the Challenges of a Drunk Driving Charge

At the law office of Jadoo & Zalenski, LLC, your drunk driving attorney will recognizes - and are ready to overcome - the challenges in defending a client charged with a DUI/DWI. Here are DUI/DWI facts you should know:

  • Reasons behind the initial traffic stop by a police officer can be questioned
  • Breathalyzers are sometimes poorly maintained and improperly calibrated, resulting in inaccurate readings
  • Even the most qualified police officer does not always conduct field sobriety tests properly
  • Blood samples do not always follow a documented chain of custody

You Need Aggressive Representation from Experienced DUI/DWI Lawyers

A revoked license and skyrocketing insurance rates only add to the punishment of a drunk driving conviction. With so much at stake, you need one of our seasoned DUI/DWI lawyers at your side. Pleading guilty without securing a drunk driving attorney should never be an option. The problem will not just "go away." The consequences are severe and long lasting.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer, please contact us.

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