Leonia, New Jersey Drug Possession Attorneys

When Your Rights Are Violated During a Drug Bust in Bergen County, Englewood & Hackensack, New Jersey

If you are facing drug charges (cocaine possession, marijuana possession, etc.) following an arrest, you need the type of representation provided by our drug possession attorneys at the law office of Jadoo & Zalenski, LLC, serving Bergen County, Englewood and Hackensack, New Jersey.

Too much is at stake not to retain one of our seasoned criminal defense lawyers to ensure protection of your rights.

Our drug possession attorneys will build an aggressive criminal defense to the drug charges you face based on a thorough investigation of the facts. For the advocacy you need when facing serious legal consequences, contact us now.

Representing Clients on Various Types of Drug Crimes

At the law office of Jadoo & Zalenski, LLC, Mr. Zalenski represents clients charged with the following drug crimes:

  • Heroin possession, sale or distribution
  • Cocaine possession, sale or distribution
  • Marijuana possession, sale or distribution
  • Ecstasy possession, sale or distribution

In addition, the firm handles cases that involve prescription drugs crimes. Area clients come to attorney Michael Zalenski when they are charged with having a forged prescription for Oxy Contin, Vicodin, or any other variety of anti-depressants.

Your Rights When Facing Serious Drug Charges

Prior to a drug possession arrest, law enforcement must follow specific procedures related to search and seizure and wire taps. In addition, the use of confidential informants for undercover operations must be carefully coordinated. The police must do everything within the law and without violating your constitutional rights.

If our criminal defense lawyers' investigation reveals that a step was skipped or a proper procedure was ignored, we will file motions to suppress. Violating your rights or entrapping you into a crime is against the law and will not be ignored.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced drug crime lawyer, whether specifically a cocaine possession lawyer, marijuana lawyer, or any type of drug possession attorney, please contact us.

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