Englewood Domestic Violence Lawyer

Diligent Criminal Defense For Those in Bergen County, Englewood & Hackensack, New Jersey

At the law office of Jadoo & Zalenski, we'll be the domestic violence lawyers you need, serving clients of Bergen County, Englewood & Hackensack, New Jersey. We will get to the facts of your criminal defense case and aggressively protect your rights. So much is at stake.

Accusations Require Immediate Action by Domestic Violence Lawyers

Following an alleged act of domestic violence, clients who are dating, cohabitating or married to a spouse or partner are usually faced with a restraining order issued by a police officer or municipal judge. This stressful situation, coupled with the possibility of leaving your home, requires immediate action by your domestic violence lawyer, so contact us immediately.

The mere accusation of domestic violence can carry severe consequences. A restraining order will prevent you from living in your family home. Time is of the essence.
Call us at (201) 568-5510, or use our contact form.

Our Domestic Violence Lawyers fight Abuse of the Legal System during Divorce

Far too many attempt to abuse the legal system by claiming "domestic violence" against another party just to gain an advantage in an existing family law case. A couple could be in the process of divorcing and if one spouse wants to gain an upper hand in custody or support proceedings, an accusation of domestic violence is a quick route to that type of advantage. Abuse of the system should not be tolerated, and as your domestic violence attorneys, we will bring those facts to the attention of the court.

You have rights. Criminal defense lawyers Trevor Jadoo and Michael Zalenski will diligently protect them.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced criminal defense lawyer regarding an order of protection filed after an allegation of domestic abuse, please contact us.

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