At the law firm of Jadoo & Zalenski, our criminal attorneys provide counseling to clients in New Jersey. With our extensive experience as criminal defense lawyers in the New Jersey criminal justice system, we'll do all we can to secure the best possible outcome in your case. Contact our New Jersey criminal attorneys if you need representation for any criminal charge, including such misdemeanors (disorderly persons charges) and felonies (including aggravated felony charges) as:

  1. Drug crimes
  2. Domestic Violence (abuse and battery)
  3. Sexual Assault / Sexual Abuse
  4. Murder, Homicide or Manslaughter
  5. Theft / Armed Robbery
  6. Illegal Weapons Charges
  7. White Collar Crimes
  8. Burglary, Robbery, Shoplifting
  9. DUI/DWI (Drunk Driving)
  10. Misdemeanor Assault / Felony Assault

As former New Jersey prosecutors, our criminal defense lawyers have in-depth understanding of how to present the best criminal defense case with the greatest likelihood of a favorable outcome, including such results as:

  • Case dismissal
  • Probation in lieu of prison sentences
  • Fines rather than jail time
  • Rehabilitation instead of jail time
  • Restitution plea bargains in white collar criminal matters such as fraud or embezzlement

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers welcome the opportunity to serve U.S. citizens as well as U.S. residents who come from other countries.

When a criminal matter poses challenges to a defendant's immigration status, our experience in deportation defense is particularly helpful. Contact a New Jersey criminal attorney at Jadoo & Zalenski to learn how our one-on-one personalized approach can serve your best advantage when you face charges of drug crimes or violent crimes.